Sunday, October 7, 2012

Help Find Myrtle

Very early 10/06 Saturday morning (1am), while I was in Canada attending a wedding, Myrtle was on a walk with her dog sitter and was startled by a loud noise and slipped out of her collar. She was spotted running around Norman and Monitor and McGolrick Park for a few hours, but we haven't had a solid sighting since that night. 

She may be hiding in the industrial lots in Greenpoint or Long Island City/Maspeth. One sighting of a tiny dark dog with pointy ears running around late at night in Canarsie. 

Please comment below if you can help by...
  • Posting flyers and leaving them at the doors of businesses in that area. 

  • Donate to the awesome search and rescue dogs that are trying to sniff Myrtle out!

  • Researching what companies have buildings there and calling/emailing, asking them to keep an eye out

  • Going to the ACC in Manhattan or Brooklyn to look for Myrtle – we have sent in the info to them, but that doesn't mean a volunteer will be available to check for her. 

  • Canvassing door-to-door : put in the comments below what blocks you will go to, so we don't duplicate our efforts. 

  • Also helpful: printing out flyers and posting them all over Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick. 

  • Talking to people walking their dogs. 

  • I can also use anxiety medication and hugs.

findmyrtle (at)


  1. I've sent word to all of my Brooklyn friends (I live in Philly) and they're on the case. As the owner of a chihuahua myself, I can imagine the stress of this. Many hugs!! P.S. my old dog Cassie got out once and a neighbor took her in -- I had no idea until the woman called the number on her tags (the vet). In the end, Cassie had a little vacation with a nice neighbor and we were soon reunited. Sending love!

  2. My heart is aching for you! I am sending love and hugs to you from the other coast hoping she is found soon, safe and sound! (Posting this to my networks to keep the info flowing too!) Hang in there!!

  3. Thanks for creating a blog to find Myrtle. When I clicked on the flyers at the above link for the *.pdf flyers, the phone numbers listed are missing one digit each. Can you check to make sure the flyers are showing the full number? Good luck!

  4. Thank you!! i fixed that. Also there is now a chipin for the awesome search and rescue dogs looking for myrtle:

  5. I retweeted your post to all my shiba inu followers on tweeter. The ones that are in Brooklyn will be on a look out and will spread the word.

    Our Nami was lost in Brooklyn for 19 days and is also a shy dog that won;t go to people. she was able to survive by eating cat food that was laid out all over the neighborhood. Dogs tend to stay in the same area and sleep during the day. Nami was only coming out at night time. Finally, she ran up to me and my boyfriend when she heard us looking for her on day 19. Check out our story here and let me know if we can help more. My twitter is @littleshibanami

    Don't give up!!!! You'll get her back!

  6. Thank you valerie!!! That is so helpful. I think i will get up at 4am and go look for her. I am literally ready for bed now, I've been flyering since 7am. That makes so much sense - I do have 2 people and there dogs looking for her every night but she may come if she hears my voice.

  7. my heart is with you, danielle!
    this treasury lead me here.