Friday, October 12, 2012

Latest Update & Myrtle Smiling

Today was really hard. She ran away at 12:30am last Saturday morning, so in a few hours it will be one full week. (For those who are new to the #FindMyrtle team, I was away in Canada and Myrtle got out of her collar after been scared by a loud noise and ran – this was near McGolrick Park in Greenpoint.) When I have put up fliers and talked to people for 8 hours and have nothing in return and no phone calls, no leads, that's when I just turn into a pile of tears. The only thing that helps is when I see that someone else has shared the info about Myrtle or is out there doing something to help. The 2 things that really helped me today.

Thanks for the photo, Andrea!

Last night Astoria residents put food out for Myrtle, in case she was hungry. Someone told me there was a line of bowls of food and fliers out there.

The Gothamist picked up Myrtle's story! (I'm not reading the comments, I can only imagine how much people are hating me over there for owning a dog that is small.)

The latest news is this: a woman went into a pet shop in Astoria and said she had a chihuahua at home that she found and wanted to keep it. The woman at the pet shop advised her to take it to a vet or shelter  so they could see if the dog had a microchip. There was no chihuahua turned into the vets nearby – and there really is no shelter in Astoria.  The pet shop where this woman was seen is near Steinway and Broadway. She was described as short and chubby with long brown hair and an 8 year old daughter. Full story that includes a psychic premonition.

I have had 2 other people in Astoria say they heard about a loose chihuahua running around, so maybe it was her.  I don't know, but I have nothing else to go on, so I spent all day putting fliers all over Astoria.

Halloween is coming and I keep thinking about myrtle prancing around in her dragon wings as Daenerys' black baby dragon. Is she captured in the house of the undying?! 

I ordered stickers, since I keep going back to places I spent hours fliering and see that they are all torn down. Thanks to Nicole Licht for designing most of these flyers and graphics!! <3 Stickers won't arrive until Tuesday, so let's hope I don't need them.

I also keep thinking about how happy Myrtle is after she eats – she comes over and snuggles and kisses me and then passes right out, cuddled into me. Or sometimes she has one of her smiling fits – which I can never capture on camera and happened to get a video of the day before I left for Winnipeg. (Ignore my dog lady voices.)

So tonight I will put a game plan together, for those who want to help this weekend. Please check back in or follow the Facebook Page for updates. We need to do something that can reach people who aren't online or seeing the posters. If you have ideas, let me know in the comments below. If you want to implement any of these ideas, also let me know!