21 Ways You Can #FindMyrtle

Myrtle, a 6 pound black chihuahua, went missing early morning on Saturday, October 6th in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is a sweet, shy, dog who had a hard life before I rescued her a year ago. Help bring her back home to a safe, warm bed! Note: Please don’t chase or call her, we just need sightings so that Myrtle’s owner can help lure her home to safety.
  1. Like the Find Myrtle Facebook page. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  2. Retweet the details on Twitter. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  3. Repin this image on Pinterest. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  4. Share this image on Instagram. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  5. Share on Tumblr. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  6. Do something on Google+ (I don’t quite get G+, so I’ll leave that up to you.) Est. time: 10
  7. What the hell, tell all your LinkedIn connections – they’ll love that you’re not using LinkedIn to find a better job for once! Est. Time: 30 seconds (Using humor to get me through, please bear with me.)
  8. Share the ABC Eyewitness news story! Est. Time: 10 Seconds.
  9. Post a comment on the Find Myrtle Facebook page & more friends will see us! Est. time: 30
  10. Send good energy, say a prayer on your preferred god/gods. Est. time: 10 seconds.
  11. Share  this image with everyone in your phone’s contact list. Est. time: 3 minutes.
  12. Put a flyer in the back window of your car. Est. time: 3 minutes.
  13. Donate to the awesome search team that has already spent over 40 hours looking for Myrtle, out
    of the kindness of their hearts! Est. time: 3 minutes.
  14. Reach out to someone with a big social media presence and ask them to help. Est. time: 3
  15. Email your favorite local blog, and let them know Myrtle is missing. Est. time: 3 minutes.
  16. Good karma in Myrtle’s name: Donate to Animal Haven & Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue and
    help the good people that have helped Myrtle. Est. time: 5 minutes.
  17. Call your own vet to see if they have had a client come in with a new black chihuahua come in
    lately. Est. time: 5 minutes.
  18. Call your closest pet store to see if they have seen a new black chihuahua come in with someone
    lately. Est. time: 5 minutes.
  19. Do something weird/crazy/funny to get people’s attention. Make a Spotify mix for Myrtle, create
    a #FindMyrtle Etsy item, pitch a #FindMyrtle Hipsters Do Have Hearts, but only for chihuahuas sketch and perform it on Saturday Night Live. (Bonus points for that last one.) Est. time: 30 minutes.
  20. ******Flyers are the most important thing we can do right now. Myrtle may have been spotted as far as Canarsie – flyering your neighborhood’s high traffic areas could help her get seen by the right person. Subway entrances, grocery stores, coffee shops, pet stores, delis, laundromats, etc. (Remember to update our flyer map here!) Est. time: 30 minutes. 

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