Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 5. A dark, dreary intersection.

Yesterday was 1,000 hours long, even though I couldn't get myself out of bed until 1pm. Norma came over with spanish flyers and made me get up. Just as she arrived I got a call from someone in Bushwick who spotted a loose black chihuahua on their block. We ran over there, knocked on all the doors in the building but no sign of her - I sat on the stoop of the building waiting to see Myrtle come out and run to me. No such luck, an hour or so later a woman living in the building arrived home and it turns out she does have a black chihuahua who she lets run off leash on her block.

Not Myrtle.  ;(

While in the neighborhood a bunch of kids said they saw a little black chihuahua run through the park a few days ago. Could it have been Myrtle? Thanks for all those who are flyering Bushwick just in case it was her. 

Staff from Animal Haven (thank you!!!) came out to pick me up in Bushwick and we decided to go look for myrtle near the feral cat hotel in Greenpoint. Maybe she was hanging out around there? We did find a man stealing a car, a woman in a dark corner who had been, "Hanging out there for hours." and many feral cats. Strange night.

In the middle of this got a call from Channel 7 Eyewitness news. They wanted to come out and do a story on our hunt for Myrtle. I met them at the park and shared the story with them. While around there I put out some cans of cat food, just in case she was still in Greenpoint, and hungry.

Got a call from someone out in Canarsie saying they just saw the news and 10 minutes before spotted a lose black chihuahua twice in their neighborhood. Johnny, a fellow Badass, picked me up and drove me out there. We looked for her until 3am.

I stood at the intersection where she may have been spotted, 105th and L, and everything was dreary, wet and rainy. I looked down each dark street. At that moment all of this felt impossible. She could be anywhere. Cold, hungry, scared. My heart felt so heavy.

This morning has been hard. Thank you for everyone who is still tweeting, posting to facebook, sharing in creative ways. Thank you to friends who are reaching out with kind words, every one of them makes a difference. All I could think to do is put together a big list of ways to help, so here it is, 21 Ways You Can Help #FindMyrtle. Please consider crossing a couple off, and sharing.

Hug your pets. Tighten their collars. Make sure they are microchipped (Myrtle was, thankfully, hope it helps.)