Monday, October 15, 2012

Cemeteries, bunnies, trying to stay strong.

I got a lead that myrtle ran over the bridge from Greenpoint to Queens (down Greenpoint Ave) last Saturday early, early morning (thats when she was lost). That's all I have that's real right now. Biked around that area and there are lots of spots to hide. Called her name, kept expecting to see her. Nothing. I did see an entrance to the cemetery over there and went looking for her. Nothing but two frightened bunnies who hopped out of a hiding spot. A slight moment of panic followed by cuteness and then, of course, by disappointment.

My friend Annie snapped this pic, which I swear was not planned. I'm not looking for America, but my sweet little myrtle.

I think many people give up after a few days because this part is the toughest. It's like being at the airport waiting for a loved one to get off the plane and they never do and you're left there not knowing what to do next.

I think most of you know about my love for all dogs. I have always connected deeply with them. When I was little, during a bad point in my childhood, I had a guardian, she was a doberman named cushion. We would both curl up together and nap in her dog bed - it was a wicker basket. She followed me around and seemed to see me as a puppy. I felt so safe with her.

With Myrtle, I felt like her guardian.

myrtle aka chi-chi aka squirtz aka little tiny

Must keep moving, keeping positive, even in the face of some really rough obstacles. I'm heading over to pick up a Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue pup who needs a foster mom, I hope she doesn't mind an emotional, sometimes pathetic temporary mumma. Maybe this will help me to obsess a little less, I don't think it's helping me any more right now. This could take weeks, months... and I feel like it's already been at least 30 days since she ran away, even though it's only been just over one week. I won't be able to go at this pace emotionally or physically for much longer.

Please say another prayer for Myrtle, hang one more flier, post one more positive comment over on Facebook. I'll need your help to keep going.