Thursday, October 18, 2012

12 days of Missing Myrtle

It's been 12 days. I didn't think I would need these stickers I ordered, thought - by the time they got here Myrtle would be home safe. I hate to be wrong, especially this time.

I can't stand her not being here. This week was tough, and there have been some things that have happened that I don't want to talk about, I only want to ask – how can people take pleasure in seeing someone suffer? My heart is so far from that, that it just shakes me to my core.

I love this photo. You can't tell, but her tail was mid-furious-wag.

I think it's time to focus on Long Island City and Queens (we got a reliable call that she was seen crossing a bridge to Queens the night she went missing). With the help of a friend, I'm working on a Saturday morning search party/flier posting party. If you want to help, please log on to Facebook and comment here. The details will be shared to a smaller private group.

Note: The lot Myrtle was last spotted in seems to be some kind of parking for buses – I wonder if a trucker/driver found her in the lot and took her out of the area? Out of NY completely?

Just a big thank you to Animal Haven, ABC channel 7, Newsweek, Alyssa Milano! (crazy, right), and my friends. This is not getting easier, your love and support is appreciated and keeps me sane.