Sunday, October 14, 2012

From one dog lover to another.

Myrtle has been gone for so long, with no leads. If you have her, please, just drop her off at a vet or contact me and you'll get the reward no questions asked for keeping her safe! We know anyone who might have her has got to be a dog lover too.

It's Sunday, come on Tom Colicchio! Let's #FindMyrtle!!!

Woke up alone again. Someone told me yesterday that in the 1800s, royalty would own large packs of chihuahuas that would sleep with them at night and keep them warm. I think they just knew what it's like to wake up with a sweet little chihuahua and wanted all the chihuahua snuggles they could get! (Myrtle always gets up last, sometimes as late as noon. Always makes me laugh to hear her worm her way out from under the covers and then hop down to tap dance her way into the living room and ask for breakfast.)

(Quick story, last night I bumped into the amazing Tom Colicchio and gave him a flier. I was going to a wedding and went into Manhattan when the location was in Brooklyn! Perhaps I was meant to bump into him and he will be the one that helps us Find Myrtle?)

Desperately need more fliers to get out there – hopefully someone has Myrtle safe and warm and doesn't know there's a army of #FindMyrtle heros looking for her, so we NEED them to see a flier.

Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick and beyond, it's been a week and Myrtle is FAST so she really could be anywhere. Signs on and near subways, near grocery stores, in laundromats, gyms, rec centers, churches, delis, shopping centers can also help get this search in front of the eyes of the right person.

Download and print Myrtle fliers here. 

Pick up Myrtle fliers at  Norman and N. Henry- the entrance to McGolrick park, Cafe Grumpy on Meserole, and  Site in Astoria.

If you are a business owner in Bushwick or Williamsburg and can host Find Myrtle fliers, please let me know. I will drop some off!

There was a strange sighting of a dark, small black dog running loose - and scared out in Canarsie. So if you happen to live out there, it wouldn't hurt to keep your eyes peeled and put up a few fliers!

If you are following along and are not in NYC - here's a list of things you can do to help:
  • Share images of Myrtle online: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, on your blog, to your email list, etc.
  • Like the Facebook Page
  • Donate to the Find Myrtle Search Team: Giving $1k to the team who has been out every single night, all night looking for Myrtle. They are volunteering their time and have a dog training business, I would like to help them. $500 has been spent on printing fliers, $300 on ads in papers and on Facebook. $200 on taxis to false leads. Whew, this is a costly endeavor! 
  • Text the story and an image to your phone contacts. 
  • Pray! Send good energy! As your dogs to keep an ear to the ground, those dogs talk! :)
  • MORE ways to help here: 21 Ways to Help #FindMyrtle

Here is what I have next to me when I work, how will I get back to work without this little chi to consult with? She's really good at coming up with solutions when I get stuck.