Saturday, October 13, 2012

Update: Astoria Chihuahua is NOT Myrtle

I received 2 calls about a found chihuahua in Astoria that was given to a woman in a building up there. I needed to find this woman and make sure she did not take Myrtle in as her own. I think I will become an FBI agent. My team consisting of Liz, Jim and my new friend Audres, and I tracked down 2 leads and knocked on a woman's door until she answered. She did lose her chihuahua a few days ago and it was returned to her, she said. "Let me go get her." She brought the little chihuahua over and it wasn't Myrtle. She looked at lot like Myrtle, but not my baby. The woman was in tears, tell me she would pray for me.

Check out Audres and his sweet, sweet pup. He helped me track this woman down so we could make sure this wasn't Myrtle. 

I am meeting the most loving, helpful and generous people during this whole endeavor. Thank you all. Dog people, you are crazy and awesome and I love you. Thank you all who are out there on the streets fliering – I hope someone is keeping her warm and just hasn't seen a flier yet.

I suppose we should keep looking in Greenpoint, Bushwick, maybe she even made it over the bridge to Sunnyside. Fliers are going to get her found, but also, how can I get in contact with all the industrial businesses up there in North Greenpoint? I tried to call and flyer around those businesses, left some in mailboxes, tried to talk to as many people working there as possible.

***However, there is still the story of a woman who told a pet store clerk in Astoria that she found a chihuahua and might keep it. I do not know the color of that chihuahua so, not a great lead.

Let's #FindMyrtle this weekend!!!

Please, if you aren't in NYC, keep sharing online – you never know who you could reach, a friend of a friend of a friend who knows someone who got a new black Chihuahua, a news reporter, an editor, maybe Myrtle has started tweeting? Who knows! Keep trying.

If you are in NYC, here's what you can do to help. This is a big city, I really need your help!

I have made a list of places that need fliering this weekend – please check it out and let me know if you have fliered any of these places/areas. You can request access to this Google doc, email me, or just leave it in the comments below.

On this list: churches, grocery stores, large shopping plazas, parks, bars, libraries, brunch spots, gyms, ALL SUBWAY STOPS. (If you want to help populate this list with places, that would be great email me!!)  Trying to think of places that have a lot of traffic over the weekend. I hope we can get a flier in front of someone who took her in, thinking she was a stray.

If you do not have a printer you can pick fliers up at Norman and N. Henry- the entrance to McGolrick park, Cafe Grumpy on Meserole, Eva's Play Pups at N. 11th and Site in Astoria. The fliers won't be there until noon today (Saturday) but here are the PDF versions, if you want to print your own. The small fliers are great for handing out to groups of people!

I want to keep us focused on all the neighborhoods surrounding Greenpoint – however, I think it's worth it to put fliers up in any neighborhood. Please update the list or email me if you do flier! (I would like to find a way to thank you when Myrtle is found!)

If you have heard or seen anything about a lost or FOUND chihuahua in Astoria, please let me know. If we can figure out if this was a black chihuahua the woman in Astoria found, that would really help.