Monday, October 8, 2012

Myrtle-a-thon: Tuesday 7pm

Ok, as the days pass, I get more and more worried. We need to do something  new- I'm asking anyone who has an hour to meet in front of McGolrick park at Nassau and N. Henry at 7pm and at 8pm on Tuesday Oct. 9th, so we can go out canvassing in shifts.

It's not a good idea to go out looking for Myrtle in groups (she's shy so it could scare her off even further), but going door to door and letting the neighbors know about the situation could really help.

RSVP and Share here.

Animal Haven is sending their glorious volunteers!

While I'm here, I wanted to let everyone know that it's important to not chase or even call her name. Just text or call and I will come for her! A stranger calling her might send her further into hiding.

This could be a really great way to meet your dog-loving neighbors, so let's make it a fun little adventure, shall we?

Please bring along a friend, & please share the Myrtle-a-thon plans!

#FindMyrtle Map

View myrtle flyers in a larger map

A map of the places Hilary and I have flyered. If you have passed out flyers, feel free to update the map

No news. Where is Myrtle?!

Continued to flyer my heart out, along with Elisa, Claire, Hilary, David and others. Trying to stay hopeful. It is cold. I want to wrap Myrtle up in a big blanket and kiss her baby seal head. Her toes smell like fritos. I miss her so much. I just keep thinking about all these things. Her snaggletooth, the little tattoos in her ears that she probably got when she was a puppymill mama. She can't wait to go to bed at night and if I let her she will sleep in until noon. When she's real happy her ears go missing.

I think the best thing we can all do is continue to flyer EVERYWHERE, ANYWHERE. And share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, in real life, email.

Tomorrow morning I must go to the Manhattan ACC in Harlem. Wondering if someone in Queens could check the ACC there?

Here's a before and after of Myrtle – when I got her, her ears were all torn up and scabby, probably eaten by fleas. 

My neighbor handmade this doorstop so we could keep the door propped open for her. It says, "Come home Miss Myrtle." It is the sweetest little piece of wood on earth.