Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Internet will Find Myrtle.

Woke up so deeply sad to not have the last known "North American Bed Deer" aka Myrtle next to me. 

Immediately headed back over to the area around McGolrick park and got a text message at 7:30am from the people who have the search and rescue dogs saying they were going to head home and come back tomorrow. They had been out with the dogs since 11pm! They said the dogs really focused on the industrial lots north of McGolrick park. Spent all day calling her name and looking for her in these lots. She really likes to hide and burrow, but I hoped she would come out if she heard me calling her. 

Found a huge gang of rough looking bikers (didn't even know there was a gang of Polish bikers, but there is). I asked for their help and of course, they were really nice and said they would keep a look out. 

Who else is looking for Myrtle? Horatio Sanz, John Hodgman, Neko Case, Ted Leo, The Mountain Goats, Liz Lee, John Wurster, Molly Crabapple. Thanks to my new best friends TrumpetCake (hilarious) and Kate Black (awesome). Please follow them all and buy everything they sell/support them!

Went to the Brooklyn Animal Care and Control center – no sign of her, but many signs of sweet, lovable dogs who need to be saved. Heartbreaking. So many pitbulls and quite a few little chihuahuas. 

My friend Cheyne and her boyfriend Chris went to Manhattan ACC, which was a mad house and were told there was no way they were going to get seen by the staff there today. They did get two look in two areas for Myrtle, and she wasn't there.Just found out they are closed tomorrow, so let's hope she's not there! (The ACC has made some really awful moves in the past that have lead to pets being put to sleep.) 

If anyone can go to the Brooklyn, Queens or Manhattan ACC on Tuesday, that is one thing I just can't do – I don't want to go too far from Greenpoint. Please let me know! 

Found this rogue sign? Don't know who the hell's phone number this is? Alrighty.

One last update, a friend of mine reached out to one of her friends who is a pet psychic! The psychic says Myrtle is alive, with nice people, is happy and not worried and thinks she will find me again. And that I need to chill-the-F-out and that I should find ways to distract myself. Let's hope she's right! 

Thank you everyone for your support and love today, all your ideas, Tweets, Facebook posts, texts, flyer printing and postering, means a lot to me. XOXO to Jim, Kate, Elizabeth, RJ & John & Neve, Julie, Cheyne, Chris, Brian, Christina, Ken & rescue team, Paige, DogVacay, Barkbox peeps....

Help Find Myrtle

Very early 10/06 Saturday morning (1am), while I was in Canada attending a wedding, Myrtle was on a walk with her dog sitter and was startled by a loud noise and slipped out of her collar. She was spotted running around Norman and Monitor and McGolrick Park for a few hours, but we haven't had a solid sighting since that night. 

She may be hiding in the industrial lots in Greenpoint or Long Island City/Maspeth. One sighting of a tiny dark dog with pointy ears running around late at night in Canarsie. 

Please comment below if you can help by...
  • Posting flyers and leaving them at the doors of businesses in that area. 

  • Donate to the awesome search and rescue dogs that are trying to sniff Myrtle out!

  • Researching what companies have buildings there and calling/emailing, asking them to keep an eye out

  • Going to the ACC in Manhattan or Brooklyn to look for Myrtle – we have sent in the info to them, but that doesn't mean a volunteer will be available to check for her. 

  • Canvassing door-to-door : put in the comments below what blocks you will go to, so we don't duplicate our efforts. 

  • Also helpful: printing out flyers and posting them all over Greenpoint, Williamsburg, Bushwick. 

  • Talking to people walking their dogs. 

  • I can also use anxiety medication and hugs.

findmyrtle (at)

Find Myrtle

$1,000 REWARD


a black chihuahua

Ran away from Norman & Monitor in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. May have been spotted in LIC, Astoria,
Bushwick or Canarsie.

Is very sweet, but shy and will run from you.

Please call or text if you spot her and we will come catch her!

(267) 225-2252 or with any tips.

Big BIG  thank you to all who donated the reward, are looking for my dear, Myrtle and are sharing links to the efforts to find her. I love humans!