Saturday, October 20, 2012

Queens, Duct Tape and Rose

New, no-nonsense fliers

What a day! Thanks to those who went out today to drum up #findmyrtle business. We fliered the hell out of Queens, saw many black cats (or was that the same one each time?) and a few black bags that pretended to be Myrtle. And every garbage man in NYC should know about missing Myrtle by Monday. 

Sorry Ma'am, haven't seen 'er. 

Pretty good day, which sounds a little weird, but today I managed to "keep my chin up". All I can do is my best, and with your help, I think I will find her. And if not, I know I did all I could, and met a lot of really great people along the way. Thank you for supporting me through this, I'll keep going as long as there's ink in the printer, coffee to be poured, neon pink duct tape, and a bit of hope.

Rose was a bit sad to not sleep in a comfy bed in a bit over a week, so I am now fostering her. 
She is a Badass Brooklyn rescue and she's gorgeous. You should adopt her. 

Thank you Emily and Caesar, Neil, Christy, Valeda, Renee, Emma, Gwendolyn, Ted & Julie, Rudha, Elisa, Johanna, Roseann, Barry (who suggested I contact Pat!), Ken - who keeps checking in with ideas, Jim "Sunnyside" Chesters and many others who I am probably rudely excluding - pardon my foggy tired brain!