Thursday, October 11, 2012

Astoria, the Pet Psychic and my god Myrtle is still on the lam!!

lovely graphic by nicole licht

I received a call this morning from a woman who said kids in her building found a little black chihuahua and were going to turn it in to a vet or shelter. She then saw a flyer for Myrtle and called me to let me know. This woman lives all the way out in Astoria! She said the kids went to school and she had no more information. I jetted over to her building to look for Myrtle and to flyer there while I wanted for the kids to come home.

Yesterday I talked with a pet psychic, who read me for free. She said Myrtle was with someone, someone who might want to keep her. She said to look out for the pet store with puppies in big glass windows, "You know the kind with the white shredded paper in the window?" Those were her exact words. She said this was a key place.

A friend and Myrtle hero started a list of all the vets and pet stores in Brooklyn and Queens and have been calling, visiting, faxing, emailing them all (along with her help!). I know most of these pet stores and none sell puppies or have puppies in the window.

While waiting for the kids to come back home I pulled up my google maps and started heading to all the vets and pet stores in Astoria.  The first corner I went to, I pulled out my Myrtle flyer and started to tape it up when I saw right next to it, was .. a Myrtle flyer! I started to cry. How generous and kind people can be. I needed this reminder in my life. I'm grateful for all who are helping and sharing. Even if it turns me into a blubbering fool in public.

I continued walking down Steinway I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a pet store that wasn't on Google maps or listed anywhere online.

The Discount Pet Shop on Steinway (near Broadway)  P.S. Rescue 4 life!!!!

My heart jumped – I darted across the street and went inside. I was greeted by a wall of puppies, on sweet little baby brown chihuahua stared at me and wagged its tail. I told the woman working there about my search for my lost black chihuahua. Her eyes grew and she said, "Yes! A woman came in here. She was in on Monday I think. She said she had found a chihuahua and didn't know what to do with it." 

"Really?!" I told her about the pet psychic. I pleaded with her to give me all the info she had. 

"She was short, a spanish woman with long brown hair. She had a little girl with her about 8 years old. I told her to take the dog to the vet around the corner, so they could scan her for a microchip. She said she might just keep the dog."

The woman didn't have the chihuahua with her, so we don't know if this was Myrtle. Any lead is good right now. Waiting for any kind of information is painful. This was giving me something to do. 

Before I left the woman said to me, "You know. I went to a psychic over the summer. She said I would meet the love of my life this year. I told her she was crazy, that I was married already. And guess what, as of a few weeks ago, I'm divorced."

"Let's both hope we find what we're looking for." I told her. 

I went to all the vets in that area and none have seen Myrtle. No chihuahua has been turned in. I suspect someone has Myrtle and they are holding on to her. They love her, she is lovable. 

I just wish I knew for sure – I could deal with that. I could deal with knowing she was safe, warm and being loved. Not knowing if she is out in the cold at night, that is what hurts so much. 


  1. Danielle, my heart is breaking for you. I am consumed with this and keep checking FB and Twitter hoping to see some positive news. Just wanted to send some hugs and prayers to you. I keep crying over this and I know that sounds dumb but I can only imagine a tiny bit of what you must be feeling. I love my little pup so much. her feet smell like fritos too. that's what did me in yesterday. :( I wish I lived there so I could help you look. Here's to hoping that someone will do the right thing and have compassion.

  2. Ah hell, you've made me cry. I know how I feel about my Meeko and hope that you and Myrtle are reunited.

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