Friday, October 19, 2012

Ok, already. Find Myrtle!

feral cat party zone

This week brought no leads. Wednesday night I couldn't sleep, so I biked around the industrial areas in Greenpoint and Queens and called for her. Silence. No little tip tapping paws, no bushes rustling from a big wagging tail... Rough night.

Dana, a nice stranger from the internet!,  volunteered to drive Jim and I around and we found this area not far from where she was last seen – a place where someone regularly feeds feral cats. Jim and I had the exact same image of seeing her come to us, head down, tail wagging, trotting over. We both thought, "This is it. She's got to be here!" Silence again. Sometimes you just really feel like she's going to be there.

gangsta granny aka alien dog

Tomorrow, the search for Myrtle continues, but more than searching – posting fliers! It has been nearly 2 weeks, with no sightings of her after the night she went missing. I'm hoping she is safe and warm with someone who took her in as a stray, and has no idea we are frantically looking for her. It just takes one person, a friend or relative of the person who may have took her in, to see one of our signs and call!

Amazing 75 year old Clinton Diner. This man was so kind, and had been working at the diner for 25 years. 

Fliers ANYWHERE can help - you never know who might see the sign and put it together that their Aunt, friend, coworker has a new shy black chihuahua who is the sweetest little alien dog on earth!

It feels too weird to not have a dog in the house, so I'm fostering the cutest little rascal, Diaz, a Badass Brooklyn foster dog. He's keeping me company. He definitely will never measure up to my sweet Myrtle, but this is a great dog! Super mellow inside, but likes to play when we get to the park. He's not a great snuggler, sleeps at the bottom of the bed (???), but I suppose many normal dog owners would enjoy that. He also has a cute full body mullet and a raccoon mask face.

Thank you and love to Ashley, Ally, Claire, David, Rebecca, Morgan, Michelle, Jim, Dana, Liz, Jason, Rose, Bryan, Annie, Elisa, Gwendolyn, Bob & Carter, Kathleen, Emily, Starpoli & Katie Rose for supporting me this week. You have managed to put a smile on my face - and kept me moving and searching, thank you! Also thank you to those who are out there looking and thinking about Myrtle daily.


  1. You are right, it only takes ONE person to see your flier. I keep visiting here to see if today was the day, rooting for you & Myrtle. When we found our little dog, after she had gone lost & missing, it was because one lady, felt possessed to lift up the fliers on the board at the shelter & saw our sweet Rozzie's face looking back at her; the same face she had found weeks before. Also, I just thought I'd add, that when she disappeared it never occurred to us that she would go the way she did. We assumed that because she was so little, that she wouldn't cross the bigger & busier street near us; but she did. In case there was an area like that for you( and Myrtle), an area that you assume she wouldn't go to or a direction she wouldn't go in...because she is small or too scared. Though I know you are checking absolutely everywhere you can think of, I just thought I'd toss that out there. Just in case. Keeping you in our thoughts.

    1. Thank you, Melissa - you are so right! I never thought she'd go over that bridge and she sure did! Thanks for checking in and telling your story! xo