Friday, January 11, 2013

Myrtle Still Roaming + A Tale of Her Activism

Three people spotted Myrtle wandering near Maurice Park before the holidays. One of them saw a Missing Myrtle sign and called me today. I haven't had a single REAL sighting since October! This one seems very real, it's very very close to where Myrtle was last seen, and close to where the tracking dogs were headed on their last trip out to look for her.

If you would like to help, the best thing to do would be to help me plaster the surrounding area with fliers! This is the most important thing we can do – since this sighting was weeks ago, we need to know where she might be now. She is probably still roaming! I have noticed the full color 11x17" posters get much more attention than the smaller ones I am using so I will be printing more of these. If you'd like to print some, feel free

While I'm here, I want to share these photos with you. Someone passed them on to me recently and I had never seen them before! Before I adopted Myrtle, who was bred in a puppymill for at least 7 years, she attended an animal rights protest with Animal Haven. What a tiny, little, hero!


  1. Big (the biggest) hug to you. Oh the tales Myrtle could tell, I'm sure. Hope, hope, hope she is still roaming in the same area. Wouldn't that be amazing.

  2. I hope you find the little trooper. Keeping hope alive.

  3. Ha! I took those pictures! we did a little demonstration in front of a dress store selling puppy mill pups!

  4. Still hoping for your happy ending! Fingers crossed!!!

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