Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After the Storm

It is definitely possible Myrtle is still out there and had to find a spot to try to stay dry and warm last night. All I could do was think about her and feel guilty for being inside – safe and comfortable. I'm trying to not put my own worse thoughts onto what she might be going through. It, of course, doesn't help, and is probably very wrong. But sometimes you just start spiraling into a dark place and it's hard to find your way back out. 

I find I always feel better when I'm being productive, so I try to put my energy into creative ways to find her and get the word out. Lost Pet Trackers suggested new signs. They made me these big bold signs in color – going to put these up as soon as it's a bit drier out there. 

This is my new foster, Curly Jefferson. He's part of a trio that came up from Alabama. He's a real goof. He has kennel cough, which I find hilarious. Dogs coughing and sneezing = too cute. He seems to be doing well and will be available to adopt very soon! His tiny little feet, big ears, black nose and eyes remind me of Myrtle. 
Hope everyone is safe and warm. My heart goes out to the family of the lost beagle, Arthur. If you are in Manhattan please have a look at this photo and read the description and consider sharing on your social networks. 

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  1. I am positive some well meaning person has her safe and warm. I still feel strongly you two will be reunited!